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CAD Technical Drawing Drafting & Planning Skills

Locations & Dates:

Date: 20 Aug - 7 Sep 2017
Ref: D9019
Location: Amsterdam
Fees: 8450 

MERC Training Center reserves the right to alter dates, content, venue and trainer with a reasonable notice time.
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Program Overview

In this program you will learn about...
Program coverage includes: CAD Problem Areas, Contractual Issues, Industrial Designs Patents Copyright, Productivity Issues, Drafting Skills Tools Software, Checking of Drawings - Standards, Specifications - Completeness- Errors.., Standardization Issues, Productivity Issues, Future Needs - Intelligent Drawings, Accuracy (Customization), Quality Assurance
This program is for Engineers Draftsmen working on CAD Project Supervision. It Exposes you to All Aspects of CAD Drawing Office Works (Not Just Drafting Drawings).

Program Content

  1. The Drawing Drafting Function
  2. Effective Planning Management Needs of CAD Drawing Office
  3. Major Topics:
  4. Problem Areas
  5. Contractual Issues
  6. Industrial Designs, Patents Copyright
    1. Productivity Issues
  7. Drafting Skills, Tools Software
  8. Checking of Drawings - Standards, Specifications, Completeness, Errors...
  9. Standardization Issues
  10. Productivity Issues
  11. Future Needs - Intelligent Drawings
  12. Accuracy (Customization)
  13. Quality Assurance
    1. Drawing Drafting Technology
    2. Role of Drawing and Drafting in the Design Development Cycle
    3. Quality Assurance Implementation in Drawing Drafting
    4. Contractual Issues with Drawings on Projects
    5. Industrial Designs, Patents Copyrights
    6. Planning Tools Techniques
    7. Electronic Document Management Systems
    8. Digitization of Paper Drawings
    9. Drawing Drafting Tools
    10. Using AutoCAD 2000 for Drafting Productively and ...
    11. Implementing Standardization
    12. Implementing Productivity
    13. Error Prevention
    14. Other Supervision Management Issues
    15. Detailed Flow-Charts for each step/process discussed to give participant a deep insight into the Practical Issues they will face on their job.
  14. Class Workshop: Developing Program Recommendations based on the Topics Covered in the Program
  15. Class Workshop: Developing a Personalized Action Plan that the participant can immediately implement in his job
  16. A One week hands on workshop  to prepare job specific  implementation documents for what has been learnt on the program. (Objectives, Procedures, Forms, Checklists, Controls, Feedback, Improvement)