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Production, Planning, Scheduling and Control

Locations & Dates:

Category: Conferences
Date: 10 - 14 Sep 2017
Ref: C8127
Location: Egypt (Sharm El-Sheikh)
Fees: 2500 

MERC Training Center reserves the right to alter dates, content, venue and trainer with a reasonable notice time.
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The Conference

The effective management of processes is crucial for production and process-based organizations. Nowadays, if contemporary organizations want to stay competitive, they are urged to think in terms of process-value added to customers/shareholders. Production planning, scheduling activities and controlling of processes represent essential activities to be performed and monitored by organizations as they implement their key processes, activities and operations.  In addressing these issues, this course is relevant for those professionals & analysts facing the difficult challenge of improving performance while reducing costs of those processes for which they are accountable. By combining techniques analysis, problems and examples with real case studies the course provides delegates with key skills, which are essential in managing and controlling processes/projects in times of increasing global competition.

The Goals

  • Think in terms of process-value added to customers and shareholders
  • Integrate the organization's strategic planning with production planning and scheduling
  • Understand the importance of production planning in a wider context of the overall success of the business
  • Explore traditional versus innovative production techniques
  • Consider the customer relationship with marketing and production

The Process

We combine theory and practice. Therefore, besides in-class lectures, discussions and exercises, we use company examples to illustrate how the techniques presented have been applied in real case studies.

The Benefits

  • Gain the ability to think beyond the accepted production planning processes
  • Incorporate cost saving measures into the organization
  • Contribute to implement change in the organization.
  • Reduce costs in the organisation.

The Results

  • Facilitate the elimination of non-value activities and the reduction of costs within the production process
  • Contribute to the achievement of breakthrough improvements in competitiveness
  • Contribute to implement change in the organization.

The Core Competencies

  • Master techniques for production planning, scheduling and the control of processes
  • Be able to identify the right processes to redesign in terms of added-value
  • Confidently contribute to business process improvement

The Conference Content


  • The production/operations function and the organization
  • Forecasting the requirements
  • Linking the production/operations function with marketing and the wider organisation environment
  • Production/operations management and financial management
  • Production/operations management in manufacturing and service environments

The Product of Services

  • Marketing and product/service design
  • Product/service; variety and value
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Product, service, operations and competitive strategies

The Process

  • Production/operating systems design
  • Manufacturing systems design
  • Method study
  • Work measurement
  • Controlling quality through measurement

Scheduling and Control

  • Operations control
  • Forecasting
  • Capacity management
  • Operations Scheduling
  • Inventory management

Managing the Operation

  • Purchasing
  • Manufacturing planning and control systems
  • Production/operations and people management.