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Scaffolding, Rigging & Lifting: Safe Handling, Operation & Supervision

Locations & Dates:

Category: Conferences
Date: 15 - 19 Oct 2017
Ref: C8264
Location: Amsterdam
Fees: 4500 

MERC Training Center reserves the right to alter dates, content, venue and trainer with a reasonable notice time.
One extra free place for every 2 paid nominees


This conference is designed for those individuals who are required to do Scaffolding, Rigging & Lifting, or supervise those doing Scaffolding, Rigging & Lifting of varying types in the process of their duties.

  • Scaffolding of different types
    • Tube & fitting
    • Mobile scaffolding
    • System scaffolding
  • Rigging & Lifting.
    • Selection & inspection of lifting tackle
    • How to connect to the load
    • How to move the load safely



Participants attending the conference will have an understanding of:

  • Legal requirements
  • Scaffold fittings & lifting tackle identification & use
  • Scaffolding, rigging & lifting terminology
  • Inspection of scaffolding & lifting tackle
  • Recording of inspections
  • Scafftag system and its use
  • Reasons for collapses of scaffolding
  • Basic safety requirements


Conference Methodology

The training course will combine classroom presentations i.e. OHP & Powerpoint, with practical assessments, supported by video / DVD material. Delegates will be expected to participate actively in relating the principles of erecting & inspecting scaffolding to the particular needs of their industry and they will have to evidence their understanding of the knowledge gained by answering a post conference  questionnaire.


Organisational Impact

  • Improvement in safety statistics as staff use tried and tested methods in use around the world
  • Improvement in efficiency as staff use tried and tested methods in scaffolding
  • Reduction in risk and liability arising from accidents and incidents relating to scaffolding
  • Improved organization as staff use new safe systems of work, inspection & reporting procedures, which can be monitored and reviewed as necessary


Personal Impact

Staff who successfully complete this course will gain in confidence, from the experience gained on the course, as they realise these are methods and safe systems of work used around the world in similar working environments. They will also gain in confidence with the knowledge they are competent, qualified and certificated to carry out or supervise the tasks they are required to do in scaffolding operations



Introduction to course

  • Legal requirements.
  • Scaffold fittings identification & use
  • Lifting tackle identification & use
  • Scaffolding terminology
  • Rigging & lifting terminology
  • Inspection of scaffolding
  • Inspection of lifting equipment

Different types of scaffolding in use

  • Review of day 1
  • Types of scaffolding
  • Tube & fitting
  • Video presentation
  • Kwikstage
  • Video presentation
  • Cuplok
  • Frames

Inspection of scaffolding

  • Review of day 2
  • Mobile scaffolding
  • The working platform
  • The structure
  • Video presentation
  • Recording of inspections of scaffolding
  • Scafftag system and its use
  • Video presentation

Working safely on scaffolding

  • Review of day 3
  • Reasons for collapses of scaffolding
  • The wearing of harnesses to erect scaffolding
  • SG4:05 and changes to it
  • Video presentation
  • Inspection of harnesses
  • Video presentation
  • Selecting & inspecting the correct lifting tackle

Rigging & lifting

  • Review of day 4
  • Attaching the load to the lifting appliance correctly
  • Estimating the weight of the load to be lifted
  • Video presentation
  • Correct signs & signals to direct crane operations
  • Correct procedure for lifting, moving & lowering loads safely
  • Video presentation
  • Questionnaire
  • Any questions and close