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Power Plant Water Treatment Systems

Locations & Dates:

Date: 20 - 24 Aug 2017
Ref: N9144
Location: Dubai (UAE)
Fees: 5000 

MERC Training Center reserves the right to alter dates, content, venue and trainer with a reasonable notice time.
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Program Overview

In this program you will learn about...
Technology, Planning, Design Factors, Construction, Maintenance & Management issues in Power Plant Water Treatment Systems. Participant will learn about Boiler Water Treatment Plants, Cooling Water Treatment Systems, Sea Water Cooling Systems and Waste Water Treatment Plants Good & Best Practices.

Program Content

Technology, Planning, Design Factors, Construction, Maintenance & Management Issues in...

  1. Water Treatment Processes in Power Plants
  2. Boiler Water System
  3. Cooling Water System
  4. Sea Water Cooling System
  5. Chemical Control of Water & Steam
  6. Idle Time Water & Steam Management
  7. Water Treatment Processes
    1. Pre-Treatment
    2. De-Mineralization
    3. Condensate Polishing
    4. Deaeration
  8. Cleaning Water System
  9. Water Pollution & Control
  10. Power Plant Waste Water Treatment Systems
  11. Environmental Audit
  12. Environmental Impact Assessment of Power Plan Waste Waters

Also Covered in Program...

  1. Setting Up a Quality Control System
  2. Setting Up a Quality Assurance System
  3. Setting Up a Good Management Practices System
  4. Setting-Up a Knowledge Management System