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Management Analysis and Operational Audit including Performance Evaluation of Refineries, Petro-Chemical & Chemical Process Plants

Locations & Dates:

Date: 17 - 28 Sep 2017
Ref: E9385
Location: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
Fees: 7500 

MERC Training Center reserves the right to alter dates, content, venue and trainer with a reasonable notice time.
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Program Overview

In this program you will learn about...
This Program builds strong Performance Analysis, Auditing and Management Skills in the participants.
It will build capabilities for verifying that the organization’s policies, objectives, plans, processes, written procedures and all other elements of organization activities are being implemented, and are operating, effectively – achieving your organization’s strategic goals.
This program will also help you Identify Continuous Improvement Opportunities by…

  • Building a high level of understanding of all organization processes including for each process: What? How? Why? When? Risks? Impact on Strategic Goals?
  • Following a Very Practical Checklist approach to make learning relevant and applicable to On-the-Job Performance Needs.
  • Showing what is involved to bring organization's operations in Compliance with ISO-9000 requirements.

Program Content

This Program extensively relies on Checklists, Procedures, Step-by-Step Instructions and Case-Studies. 
Emphasis is on Easy Practical Approach to Solving Problems. 
Covers: the Issues, Procedures, Key Questions Methodology Guidelines 
Identification of Parameters, Measurement Methods, Planning and Management. 

Part-I (First week)
Management Processes Procedures on Refinery and Petro-Chemical Plants, including Continuous Improvement Opportunities

  • New Management Methodologies
  • The Nature of Performance Problems in Process Plants
  • Understanding Organizational Strategy
  • Understanding Customer or Stakeholder Focus
  • Performance Risks on Oil Refinery Petro-Chemical Production Facility
  • Understanding the Good Practices (Participant will be provided a list of Industry Good Practices)
  • Best Practice Opportunities (Participant will be provided a list of Industry Best Practices)
  • Understanding Continuous Improvement: What is Value for the Organization.
  • Implementing Continuous Improvement.
    • Continual Improvement System Step by Step Methodology
  • Proactive Decision Support Information System. Getting Actionable Data.

Part-II (Second Week)

  • Identifying the Processes
  • Identifying Missing Good Practices
  • Analyzing the Applicable Best Practices
  • Identifying the Key & Core Processes
  • Analyzing the Key & Core Processes
  • Identifying Key Performance Indicators
  • Developing Measures for the Key Indicators
  • Performance Evaluation and Trending
  • Case Study