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Maintenance Management on Petro-Chemical Plants

Locations & Dates:

Date: 15 - 19 Oct 2017
Ref: O9263
Location: Rome, Italy
Fees: 4500 

MERC Training Center reserves the right to alter dates, content, venue and trainer with a reasonable notice time.
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Program Overview

In this program you will learn about...

This program has been customized for participants from Refineries, Petrochemicals, Fertilizer Basic Chemicals and other process industries.
This program provides the Petro-Chemical Plant Maintenance Personnel practical knowledge and skills required to understand and execute the Maintenance System Functions Effectively.
The program follows the TQM flow-chart approach to understanding Maintenance functions, understanding inter-department interfaces, identification of key activities, highlighting problem points, management reporting needs and identifying improvement opportunities. All important petro-chemical plant maintenance management methodology and techniques are covered in this program.
This program also introduces you to the practical use and implementation of the Latest Tools, Best Practices and Methodologies for Maintenance Professionals - Preventive Maintenance, Condition Based Maintenance, Breakdown Maintenance, Shutdown Maintenance - ERP, Maintenance Management Systems, Planning and Management Techniques and TQM.  Case Study forms an Important part of this program - giving the participant a practical feel of his Job Responsibility.

Program Content

  1. Petro-Chemical Maintenance Business Work Processes
  2. Petro-Chemical Maintenance Management Function
  3. Petro-Chemical Maintenance Sources of Knowhow
  4. Best Practices in
    • Petro-Chemical Maintenance Strategies
    • Petro-Chemical Maintenance Planning
    • Petro-Chemical Maintenance Scheduling
    • Petro-Chemical Maintenance Coordination
    • Building Knowledge Bases
    • Early Warning Systems
    • Outsourcing Petro-Chemical Maintenance
  5. Building Customer Satisfaction
    • Internal Customers
    • External Customers
  6. Building Performance Excellence in Petro-Chemical Maintenance
  7. Petro-Chemical Maintenance Methodologies
    • Petro-Chemical Maintenance Inspection and Testing
    • Preventive Petro-Chemical Maintenance
    • Corrective Petro-Chemical Maintenance
    • Predictive and Condition Based Petro-Chemical Maintenance
    • Reliability Analysis
    • Root Cause Analysis
  8. Managing Petro-Chemical Maintenance Projects
  9. Shutdown Petro-Chemical Maintenance Planning & Management
  10. Improvement Methodology for Petro-Chemical Maintenance Management
  11. Performance Indicators in Petro-Chemical Maintenance Management.