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Successful Management of Fast Track Projects

Locations & Dates:

Date: 17 - 21 Sep 2017
Ref: P9411
Location: Jordan (Amman)
Fees: 2500 

MERC Training Center reserves the right to alter dates, content, venue and trainer with a reasonable notice time.
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Program Overview

In this program you will learn about...

We often have projects that offer a Special Commercial Opportunity if we could take our Idea to Completed Project as Fast as Possible
Today their need arises for reasons including:

  • Faster Exploitation of Business Opportunities,
  • Urgent Projects,
  • Urgent Maintenance work after an Accident,
  • Urgent Major Procurement,
  • Faster Product to Market,
  • Projects where Technology Changes are Very Rapid,
  • Customer Demanding a Fast Track Project,
  • Shutdown Maintenance Work,
  • Works where new technology offers an opportunity to complete faster or to Meet a Current Urgent Need.
  • An Urgent Security Project

Done traditionally these projects could cause a lot of disruption, additional costs and are often no early completion is achieved. The traditional approach tries to reduce the times for each stages of the  lifecycle … Idea/Need, Feasibility, Licensor/Technology Selection, Preliminary Design, Detailed Design, Tendering, Construction, Testing and Commissioning and Operation. Sometimes stage overlap is tried - but in the absence of proper management systems - ends in disaster.
This program provides you an understanding of the needed Management System: Policy, Procedures, Monitoring, Coordination, Feedback and Improvement for Successfully Implementing Fast Track Projects.

Program Content

  • Where fast track projects are appropriate in your organization?
  • The fast track project life cycles.
  • Handling Risks
  • Contractor/Supplier/Designer Selection on Fast Track projects?
  • Scope of Work definition on Fast Track Projects
  • Fast Track Enabling Technologies
  • Management Structure and Empowerment for Fast Track Projects
  • Design aspects of Fast Track Projects
  • Coordination of Fast Track Projects
  • Management of Fast Track Projects