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Prequalification of Suppliers, Service Providers & Contractors for Key Projects

Locations & Dates:

Date: 15 - 19 Oct 2017
Ref: P9442
Location: Egypt (Cairo)
Fees: 2500 

MERC Training Center reserves the right to alter dates, content, venue and trainer with a reasonable notice time.
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Program Overview

In this program you will learn about...
Once you have hired a Contractor - who is now failing to perform - the Best Advice is to put your arms around his shoulder and help him complete the project. Keep the documentation on the help that needed to be provided and report this in the project closedown report - so he can be blacklisted or adequately vetted next time he bids.
The key to successful contracting lies in a strong prequalification system that ensures the selected contractor not only is Motivated and Determined to provide you the specified or better product, but also has the Relevant and Effective Experience, Systems in place to ensure he can meet the undertaken commitments. This program is oriented to provide this essential understanding.
In this program you will learn about how to setup such a prequalification system - Policy, Procedures, Work Instructions, Controls, Feedback and Continual Improvement.

Program Content

(Customized for each participant group)

  1. Major Causes of Contractor and Supplier Failure to Perform.
  2. Traditional Prequalification Criterion and its Analysis
  3. New Prequalification Strategies:
    1. International Best Practices
    2. Industry Specific Best Practices.
  4. Systems (processes, policies, procedures, controls, feedback and continual improvement) the Supplier or Contractor must have for us to be able to feel confident of his capability to supply the Promised Products or Services and on time.
  5. Set up systems to ensure the loss of user/customer feedback/ preference information due to use of Contractors and Suppliers does not curtail our improvement and innovation processes.
  6. Step-by-Step Methodology for Contractor or Major Supplier Prequalification that incorporates the Good and Best Industry Practices.
  7. Contract Conditions that assist Contractor's Superior Performance.

Other topics included in program

  1. Project Cycle
  2. Prequalification Aspects in Procurement Process
  3. Contracts and Prequalification
  4. Project Planning and Prequalification
  5. Project Price & Cost Analysis Basics
  6. Project Risks & Contingencies
  7. Mitigation of Project Risks
  8. Designing the Prequalification Form
  9. Management Processes that Ensure Customer Needs & Expectations will be Met
  10. Conducting the Prequalification Audit
  11. Evaluation of Prequalification Applications
  12. Prequalification Best Practices
  13. Performance Evaluation of Suppliers, Service Providers & Contractors and using as Input for Prequalification
  14. Alternate Strategies to Prequalification
  15. Program Recommendations