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Certification Programs

In line with our commitment to excellence, MERC Training Center is proud to announce the introduction of yet another new service, namely:


The purpose from this service is to recognize professionals with the commitment and dedication to plan their personal training and development to achieve certification. A MERC Training Center Professional Certificate (MPC) will be awarded to those who have:

  1. Fully attended one of the "Professional Certification" courses offered by the company
  2. Passed, with a minimum of 70%, the assessment administered on the last day of the course

The MPC will attest that the successful participant has met the professional standards MERC Training Center has developed and nurtured over the last five decades and he/she will receive, in addition to their Attendance Certificate, a special Certificate that will attest their credentials as a Certified Professional.

Features of the Service

  • Attendance on these courses must be 100%.
  • Assessments on these courses will be administered on the last day of the course.
  • Assessments will be in the form of multiple choice questions (40-50) which will require between 60 to 90 minutes to complete
  • Pass rate is 70%

Certified Courses:

  • ASQ Approved Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.
  • ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Refresher.
  • ASQ Introduction to Quality Engineering.
  • Certificate in Advanced Project Management.
  • Certificate in Cost Management.
  • Certificate in Treasury Management.
  • Certified Accounts Assistant.
  • Certified Administration and Office Management Professional.
  • Certified Brand Manager.
  • Certified Compensation and Benefits Professional.
  • Certified Contract Manager.
  • Certified Customer Service Professional.
  • Certified Fixed Assets Professional.
  • Certified Human Resources Professional: From Traditional HR Role to Business Partner.
  • Certified Job Evaluation Professional.
  • Certified Maintenance Planner.
  • Certified Marketing Professional.
  • Certified Master Negotiator.
  • Certified Master Trainer.
  • Certified Professional Manager.
  • Certified Public Relations Professional.
  • Certified Purchasing Professional.
  • Certified Quality Management Professional.
  • Certified Sales Manager.
  • Certified Team Leader.
  • Certified Training and Development Professional.
  • Financial Management Certificate.
  • Professional Accounting Certificate.
  • Sales Professional Certificate.
  • The Certified Balanced Scorecard Practitioner.
  • The Certified Strategist: From Planning to Execution.