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Why should you attend MERC Training Center?

  • Student-oriented education that is flexible and provides personalized attention to student needs.
  • Small class sizes. This encourages interactive discussions and ensures excellent communication and feedback between students and faculty.
  • Pragmatic approach to business theory: MERC Training Center employs the dynamic case study method - the most effective academic tool to demonstrate the applications of business theory.
  • Outstanding faculty: in addition to excellent academic credentials, MERC Training Center professors are entrepreneurs, consultants and business leaders, bringing business practice to the classroom. MERC Training Center faculty focus on student development and ensure student involvement by employing interactive teaching techniques.
  • Modern facilities and locations in some of the world’s most attractive cities and economic centers.
  • Constant innovation: MERC Training Center professors and corporate sector advisors regularly update MERC’s curricula to reflect the latest developments in the business world. Additionally, students attend seminars on innovation and creativity that further develop their analytical and communication skills.
  • Developing business personality: MERC Training Center prepares its students for success in the global marketplace by providing them with keen analytical skills, refined cultural awareness, multilingual skills and clear strategic vision through traditional as well as cutting-edge business programs.
  • Leading innovator in business education.